Our story

We help businesses unlock their digital potential, delivering digital transformations with premium quality web design and unique branding that connects with prospective customers and existing clients.
Step 1

Brand image

Our clean and elegant brand projects assured confidence in the work we produce. It perfectly reflects our love of design which is respectful of white space, simplicity, and refinement.

Step 2

brand culture

Our horizontal work culture means our team of web designers, creatives and developers each bring their unique skills and perspective to help us collaboratively unlock your digital potential.

Step 3

Brand personality

We’re here to make the complex, simple – we are a friendly, committed team who guide you through every step of your digital transformation, so you can rest assured your business is in safe hands.

Step 4

Brand strategy

Every day we encourage businesses to realise the potential of digital, sustainably working with them to build their brand image and digital assets anchored by a data-driven comms and marketing growth strategy.

Dwayne’s Story

Too often websites are built, Instagram accounts launched and plenty of blog posts ideas get drafted, but soon after, businesses’ digital presence remain static, and their websites sit on the virtual shelf gathering dust. It only takes users a matter of seconds to form an opinion on your business when they’re scrolling through their feeds and discover you. When they land on your website or your social media platforms, they need to know they’re engaging with an active, trust-worthy, responsive and evolving business. But too often, businesses don’t have the time or capacity to realise their digital potential, nor do they have the knowledge and skills to know how to navigate and compete in the digital realm.

Treating web design, social media, comms, SEO, photography and video as separate projects and entities often means digital and branding strategies become disconnected from each other.

Digital360 Founder & Director, Dwayne Ferguson, set out to change this, by providing a service that could give businesses and clients the wrap-around digital support and branding they need to establish their digital presence.

Photo of Dwayne Ferguson

“I created Digital360 after having many years’ experiences in digital, working at the highest level, with many household brands, in order to fill a niche that I had identified.

That idea was predicated on the logic that, wherever possible, the company that creates your brand, should also be the company that designs and builds your website, manages your social media channels and your external communications. Because no other company will understand the DNA of your business, like the company that was instrumental in creating the brand in the first place.”

Dwayne Ferguson, Founder & Director of Digital360

An experienced digital entrepreneur, Dwayne brought together a team of digital experts and creatives who can be trusted to collaborate and work with clients to bring their business to life online – with award-winning photography, pristine film and video, premium web and UI/UX design, all of which are optimised by a bespoke digital strategy, performance marketing management, mobile app development and SEO services. This means your business gets the full 360 treatment so it can stake its claim in the digital space.

Stories of our clients


Digital360 worked closely with rising haute couture fashion house MH Mena to develop their online branding and assets completely from scratch. Helping them establish their online presence, we created their website with quality photography and video that helped to cement their brand as a luxury and innovative fashion business.

De Pinna

As one of the oldest and most established Scrivener Notaries in England and Wales, De Pinna’s website and online presence did not reflect the ambitions or legacy of the company. We created an elegant new website with professional headshots and video content to showcase their status as a leading legal business.

ME Mena model in dress

Tell a new story

At Digital360 we understand that your brand will have many stories to tell, that demonstrate your commitment to your values and humanise your company. We are all programmed to identify with people and would always prefer to buy from a real person than a faceless brand. To this end it makes sense to invest in visual telling a new story for your business.