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An iconic logo. Optimised SEO. An unforgettable tagline. A stellar website. Comprehensive market research. A new way of delivering services. A product designed to revolutionise markets.

These are the parts that make successful branding and successful businesses happen, but ask yourself, what is driving your decisions on these parts? How are each of these components evolving your business? How do you want your business to be remembered?

At Digital360, we believe something fundamental should underpin how you market yourself and create your online presence. Storytelling.

What Story Did You Start With?

Every business comes with a story, and it’s likely you tell it every day, no matter your industry.

“One day, I left my job and didn’t know what the future would bring, but I knew I could use my expertise to help other people.” “I realised there was a product missing in the market that myself and so many other people needed, so it was up to me to create.” “We started with a small team and just grew from there.”

Behind these anecdotes are countless stories of inspiration, trials and tribulations, growth, and experimentation. In each of these stories are conscious and subconscious lessons that will shape what you want your business to be, how you want it to look, what you want to resonate with people.

People aren’t looking to connect with metrics, analytics and endless numbers — they want to connect with the human side of your business, building trust between you and them.

Ultimately, we believe these questions and the story you want to tell are the most powerful and purposeful means to inform your branding and digital presence, and with our digital expertise, we can help you tell that story.

Unlocking Your Digital Potential

At Digital360, we take a holistic approach to your branding and online persona, getting to know you and your business, your history and ambitions, market competitors and USP.

From there, with our market research and team of expert digital creatives and analysts, we’re able to tell your story through meaningful conversion copywriting, bespoke website designs, SEO optimisation, professional photography and videography and social media marketing.

Take for example, our client MH Mena. MH Mena are a rising haute couture fashion house. For over two years, we’ve worked closely with them to identify and understand the story they want to tell – one about an iconic fashion house that cultivated close relationships with its clients and created bespoke garments for them that they have always dreamed of wearing, combining the practice of traditional haute couture dress making with the modern inspiration and ideas of its designers and clients.

Knowing that this is the story they wanted to create and be known for, we knew how we could unleash their digital potential: we knew that every font and colour palette we used in their website and branding design had to contribute to the brand’s ornate vision; we organised their first professional photo and video shoot in a beautiful garden setting that complimented their first collection of dresses; we experimented with different tones and registers of copy until we had a style that matched their aesthetic.

We used our digital skills to inspire and help them tell their story — considering how they wanted to use our talents to connect with audiences far and wide on their digital platforms and market themselves to potential investors.

Because we knew their story, we knew how to unlock their digital potential.

We’ve helped so many clients from different industries tell their stories through our digital expertise — from fashion and recruitment to HR, legal services, transportation and beyond; we’ve even worked with a football club!

When people discover your business, how will you ensure they stay to the end of your story? Not only is storytelling key for conversion and exposure, it’s also one of the best tools you have to retain people — adding to your story every day with personalised blogs, updates, social media posts and website updates.

You can find out more about the stories we’ve told on our website.

If you’re ready to tell your business’s story, we’re ready to help.

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