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Specialist training provider for Clinical Trial Professionals
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Digital360 were with us from the start and helped us take an idea into a solid online business. Every month, we have people praising us for the great design of our website.

Lia Hunter, Founder & Director
CGX Training

Our step-by-step process

& User Research
Website & Blog
& Social Media

Objectives & User Research

The core objective for CGX was to position their expertise and unique offering in front of their target audience. We conducted in-depth user research to create user personas that would be representative of CGX target audience. Following a series of interviews with individuals and organisations, we created four user personas that summarised the key needs and goals of CGX target groups: students, career changers, universities and corporate clients.

Website & Blog

The website was designed in line with the objectives and research conducted in the initial phase, which also informed the overall digital strategy for CGX’s online presence. Creating a clear and compelling user experience was key to attract and engage their target audience. This was realised through visual and informative pages on CGX courses and training, clinical trial roles, as well as CGX values and history. All key pages are infused with inviting calls to action and an easy way for prospects to enrol into courses or get in touch.


We provided CGX with high-quality professional videos that document some of their partnership events. We also created informative videos on their training and courses. The production of these videos allow CGX to promote their expertise and unique offer in the industry, attracting their audience to their website and social media platforms.

Newsletter & Social Media

We create and manage CGX monthly newsletter updating their audience on upcoming courses, sharing CGX latest blog posts as well as news in the clinical research and trial sector. We also run CGX social media platforms and campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, reaching CGX ideal target audience and creating visibility and engagement with prospects who may be interested in traning with CGX.