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Our mission is to simplify digital

Digital360.mobi is different.

We do business in a way which produces maximum efficiency with the minimum of amount of complexity.

Our mission is to simply digital. In order to achieve this goal for our customers we must adopt a way of working that utilises the digital technology available to allow us to work smarter. This means we are not a traditional design agency in any respect.

The difference you will see as a customer, is that we actively work on your behalf for all things digital. We become your digital partner, we are far more interested in contributing to the growth of your overall business than just providing a nice website and maintaining that. The reach of digital technology is far and wide and only increasing, so it makes sense to have a partner who understands the landscape and will bring that level of understanding to bear on your business and your industry.

We have a flat structure meaning that we have the minimum amount of hierarchy so decisions are taken quicker and as a result we are more responsive than your average agency. We are geographically spread, so we have digital professionals around the UK and Europe and we have customers in many different parts of the world. As technology has few physical barriers we do not let arbitrary barriers such as country borders prevent us from doing our best work.

This is a small selection of the network of professionals at your disposal when you engage Digital360.mobi.

Dwayne Ferguson is our MD, he has 20 years of experience from the very early days of the Internet to now. Our mission now, is to simplify digital. We have put together a network of digital professionals to do this.

You can read his personal blog here; DwayneFerguson.com

He has worked as a Digital Account Director for Sapient Nitro with joint responsibility for the Unilever account. He has also previously acted Senior Account Manager on Automotive accounts Nissan, Volvo and Ford.

Digtial360.mobi is a new and unique proposition, in that it is essentially a network of digital professionals in the UK and across Europe, with the single aim of providing a first class service to our customers.



Monique Barrett
Digital Marketing Specialist

Monique is an experienced brand marketing executive with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. She is skilled in Event Planning, Management, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Strong marketing professional with a MSC Brand Management focused in Brand Management, Marketing/Marketing Management, CRM.



Arni P
Head of Design and UX

Arni has over 20-years of experience in web design and build.
He and dwayne have worked together for two decades and have build a formidable design partnership.


Ivan Vetrau
Head of Technology and Software Development

Ivan has over 10-years of experience in web and software development.
He is the technical lead of  a team of 10 full-stack developers, who specialise in Node.js. They have build a range of solutions from mobile apps to eCommerce website and bespoke Content Management Systems.


John Ferguson
Award winning photographer

John ferguson is a world renowned photographer having worked on London’s Fleet Street for twenty years and winning many awards for his distinctive style of photography. He has shot the likes of David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Ozzy and Sharon Osborne.  His exhibition on Black British Culture was opened by the then Prime Minister Gordon brown, in City Hall.  You can see examples of John’s work here;

John Ferguson Photography 

Our Skill Set We specialise in all things digital.

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Branding, 95
Web Design, 80
UI/UX Design, 95
JS/jquery, 75
Wordpress, 85